Tutte le funzioni Hol-App sono gestite attraverso componenti software e applicativi perfettamente componibili tra loro. Individua quali sono le funzioni di cui la tua struttura necessita e configura le tue postazioni di lavoro, scoprirai quanto è semplice e conveniente portare innovazione nella tua azienda.

Hol-App Boresellino elettronico

Electronic wallet

This component manages all activities connected with digital credit:
Creation of a customer account and provision of an NFC gadget;
Allocation of credit (pre-recharge or charge);
Credit detraction from points of sale;
Sales statistics for each point of sale/operator.

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Hol-App Applicazione Cassa e Ordinazione ai tavoli

Cash desk application

This component is a fiscal cash desk application (Android and iOs) which replaces any other device for issuing fiscal receipts from the various points of sale. Obviously, it is perfectly compatible with all other Hol-App functions and applications (restaurant orders, electronic wallet, customer App, warehouse management).

Restaurant orders

This component, added to the cash desk application, makes it possible to manage restaurant orders starting from operators present in the room by means of a dedicated application installed in mobile devices (7”) and transfer it into the cash desk and forward it to the various printers installed in preparation points.

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Hol-App APP Clienti

Guests APP

Guests will be able to use this customizable App guests before, after and more importantly while staying at the facilities. It will enable them to access expense accounts, receive notifications for each purchase made, coupons and offers, read the programme of events, manage communications with the staff through a real-time message system and perform many more functions

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Hol-App Totem digitale


Ristoranti, pizzerie, mense, gelaterie e fast food sono costantemente alla ricerca di soluzioni efficaci contro le code interminabili alle casse, ai costi superflui e agli errori in fase di ordine o pagamento. Da qui nasce il software funzionale e intuitivo perfetto per ogni tipo di esigenza.

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Hol-App EYE - Controllo di gestione

EYE – Management control

Eye-App is a mobile app for tablets and smartphones which will make it possible to know all the statistics relative to your business at any time: revenues in points of sale, sales classifications by product/service category, products and services used by customers, digital credit, operators’ productivity, active and inactive payment accounts, notifications and alerts in case of anomalies... All just lifting a finger!

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Hol-App Gestione Magazzino

Warehouse management

This component controls movements of acquired goods, from their stocking in a warehouse to their sales, going through the procurement phases in the various processing points (café, kitchen...) and points of sale (café, restaurant, market, boutique), highlighting the needs for supplies and matching consumption with sales.

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