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What is Hol-App Event?

Hol-App Event is a service for organizers of street events, festivals, thematic events, giving exhibitors and producers a chance to organize their own stands to sell their products to visitors.

Exhibitors are generally allowed to do so in return for a percentage of their sale revenues.
As a consequence, organizers need to check sales of each single stand. In many cases this need is managed with improvised solutions, like using tokens or tickets, which make the final accounting work complex.

By means of wi-fi devices installed in each stand and using NFC cards and gadgets to be given to each guest, Hol-App Event makes it extremely simple to computerize all processes connected with the products and services offered by exhibitors.

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Hol-App - Bosa Beer Fest

Monetica Hol-App at Bosa Beer Fest

Bosa Beer Fest is the largest festival dedicated to homemade beers in Sardinia. The very numerous guests of this event used the Hol-App cards and app in its more than 40 stands to purchase the specialities offered by brewers coming from all parts of Italy.

The event organizers enjoyed many benefits from the possibility to replace tokens, tickets and money with a simple, safe and immediate computerized system.

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