Hol-App Dual Screen

IP65 certification

The Hol-App cash desk application can be used with any Android tablet (4.4 or later), therefore you do not need to buy any professional equipment for points of sale. It is also true that under particular conditions, for instance if close to the sea, with high temperatures, in the presence of dust and sand, devices for private use might not work perfectly in the long run, therefore we prefer to propose IP65 certified touch devices.

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Points of sale require the devices which can recognize the customers by decoding the electronic chips in NFC gadgets.
Hol-App cash desk kits can enhance or replace the current fiscal devices, since they manage both electronic credit and cash payment, with or without issuing fiscal receipts.

Hol-App Professional Kit 1

Kit H-A15

The H-A15 Kit includes a 15" touch screen cash desk, a printer to print out (fiscal or non-fiscal) receipts and an NFC reader (USB or Bluetooth). This kit is suitable for points of sale located in holiday villages, camping sites, spas, music events, discos, in which electronic credit is preferred (bracelets, pendants, NFC cards), but it is equally efficient in a hybrid mode (electronic credit and cash), particularly suitable for bathing establishments, kiosks, cafés, restaurants, pubs, etc.

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Hol-App Professional Kit 2

Tablet Kit H-A10

The H-A10 Kit, unlike the Professional Kit, uses a 10" tablet to manage cash desk operations; it includes a printer to print out (fiscal or non-fiscal) receipts and an NFC reader (Bluetooth).
Using this kit is also recommended for travelling and/or seasonal points of sale.

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Hol-App Professional Kit 3

Kit H-A07

This kit includes a Bluetooth NFC reader and a 7" mobile device. It is suitable to use the electronic wallet application, enhancing any cash device already present in a point of sale.
In this way, operators can detract (or charge) the cost of a transaction from their customer, entering the amount of the purchase made. The H-A07 kit is not recommended if you also intend to use the warehouse management application: the information registered by the central system about the purchase will be limited.

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