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As they check-in, guests receive an electronic gadget which will be associated with them. From that moment on, customers will use the gadget to make purchases within the tourist facilities and access the exclusive services reserved to them.

Hol-App Ciondoli

NFC – RFID pendants

Comfortable and light to wear around your neck or arm, water-proof and customizable, Hol-App pendants are a real breakthrough in the electronic currency sector.
It is their “wearability” under any conditions and while doing any activities (unlike traditional cards) which makes them more efficacious to replace money. They make it simpler to pay for the services offered to customers, even in situations in which you may not want to carry money. They may also be wonderful promotional objects to give customers as gifts at the end of their vacation.

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Hol-App NFC

NFC – RFID bracelets

A wide range of colourful customisable electronic bracelets are available. They can perform all the Hol-App functions and those for which PVC disposable bracelets are generally used, to access services within holiday villages and camping sites.

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Hol-App Card

NFC – RFID cards

The Hol-App system makes it possible to use several types of electronic gadgets at the same time. In some cases, traditional cards are preferred, especially because they can be re-used after checking out.

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Hol-App Solution

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