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Sistema di credito digitale NFC per l'accesso ai servizi offerti della tua struttura.

With Hol-App NFC gadgets, clients will be free to access every services or purchases, without using cash and in the most comfortable way possible.

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NFC gadgets for your guests. Practical, resistant, low-cost and customizable.

I tuoi clienti potranno accedere alle aree e ai servizi a loro destinati, aprire le camere, tutto con un unico oggetto.

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Hol-App Tablet kit

Tablet Kit

Tablet Kits are equipments for the recognition of the guests through reading of the chip allocated in the electronic gadgets. They replace or sustain traditional cash registers during selling operations of products or services (restaurant, pub, markets, boutiques, ...).

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Mobile app customized for customers

Mobile app can be useful for customers before, after and, above all, throughout their stays in the touristic structure. In fact, it allows customers to access their own paying account, to receive paying notifications and payment receipt and to manage real-time conversations with staff, and more...

How it works
Hol-App App
Controllo di gestione

Accounting management

Eye-App is a mobile app exclusively for directors, manager and general manager of tourist accomodations that can gather together and organize all the data emitted by Hol-App system.

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Paolo Miranda
Paolo Miranda
General Manager

Villaggio Le Palme
Marina di Ascea (SA) - Italy
"Innovative service, fast, practical , social ..."
Hol-App recensione Reviewed the 25th of August
The idea of associating an electronic payment system to a mobile app is BEAUTIFUL!! It enables everyone of keeping always the accounting situation under control and at the same time, actively participate in the life of the village, thanks to the messaging system, push , events etc ... For us this year was a test, in fact we have not completely eliminated the cash. We made this choice to ascertain the practical application, and to see what were or could be the issues of the systems connections, both of our structure and the application itself. The experience was very helpful, so much so that next year we will eliminate completely the cash and we will implement in all the cash points, the possibility of electronic payment. Ultimately on a scale of 1 to 5, i give 5 to the idea, 4 to the application itself, because there is always the possibility of improving it and 5 to support, because it was always present and responsive to requests for modification or implementation.
Lorenzo Cortelli
Lorenzo Cortelli
General Manager

Camping delle Rose
Isolabona (IM) - Italy
"The real novelty of this summer"
Hol-App recensione Reviewed the 7th of September
The app was the real novelty and turning point of this summer. A functional, intuitive, safe and quick payment system. Everything is based on bracelets and pendants that are delivered to customers during check-in. They are personal devices, with credit uploaded in them that the customer can spend during his vacation. To make them even more personal, during activation a picture is made to the customer's face.

Hol App is also available on your smartphone by downloading the free application Hol-App through which using an email address and a password, which is provided by the system itself, we are able to control all expenses in an absolutely detailed manner with time of the transaction, amount spent, the name of the staff from whom we have been served and the structure where we made the purchases.

The application also allows you to get in touch with the staff and then have orders or requests from the soccer pitch rather than by the pool or from anywhere you are in the camping.

We were very pleased and happy of chosing Hol-App, all tablet bracelets and NFC devices have always worked very well, without giving problems.

We have also had a positive response from the customers themselves, always interested and willing to use this new system, even the older customers.

The support staff was absolutely available at any hour of the day even on holidays.

We absolutely recommend Hol-APP to all our colleagues: it is really a safe and guaranteed.
Fabrizio Carfora
Fabrizio Carfora
General Manager

Villaggio Elea
Marina di Ascea (SA) - Italy
"Moneta elettronica per una vacanza di relax"
Hol-App recensione Reviewed the 1st of September
Nella nostra storia abbiamo sempre utilizzato sistemi di pagamento alternativo (i mitici collier bar), lo scorso anno ci siamo affidati ad Hol-App, progetto che unisce il divertimento (i bambini apprezzano tantissimo e lo usano), alla possibilità di controllo di gestione, che nel 2016 é indispensabile.
Le transazioni avvengono tramite ciondoli personalizzabili con il proprio logo, che i clienti hanno apprezzato moltissimo, sia come strumento di pagamento che come gadget da portare a casa in ricordo della vacanza.
Era nei nostri desideri realizzare anche un App mobile del nostro villaggio e con Hol-App abbiamo ottenuto gratuitamente anche quello, "due risultati in un colpo solo!" moneta elettronica e App per i clienti.
L'assistenza è stata impeccabile e pronta a rispondere ad ogni nostra richiesta in tempo reale, e questo aspetto per noi, e per tutte le strutture come le nostra, è un fattore determinante e per nulla scontato.
Sarà un vero piacere continuare ad utilizzare Hol-App! Consigliatissima!
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